Black ink

We take a chance with our pleasure to present two kinds of black ink "RUSSIAN ROULETTE"!


“Original black”, "Hard black coffee","Vandal black" – black ink, having super ability  to cut into any surfaces,

high pigmentation and super resistance to liquidation.


“Original” – super dense ink, forming dense flows and standing on the surface utterly neatly.


“Hard black coffee” A remarkable feature of this type of ink is that they have corrosion (destructive) effect on painted surface.

In consequence painted surface loses its resistance under the influence of ink fast enough.

And when you try to remove the tag, the surface is destroyed, it remains clear indelible trail of the tag.

When you apply this type of ink on other surface (plastic, metal…), the chances of complete destruction of the tag significantly decrease.

The complexity of the ink`s removal has substantially increased because our ink not only left a trail on the surface even after attempts to buff

, but also a thick ink`s layer hardens fast during the drying process.

In addition to another nice feature of black ink “Hard black coffee” - unobtrusive scent of coffee

that you can feel during application the ink to the surface.

Coffee flavor replaces the chemical smell, to do your tagging more enjoyable.

Besides that, the scent of coffee misinforms all people around the place of tagging.

Especially good is the coffee flavor, hiding unpleasant chemical smell, in closed rooms. 


Developing ink "Vandal black" we tried to take into account many wishes of Russian graffiti scene,
to increase the corrosion properties of ink, to add something new.

This type of ink is aimed primarily at the reaction with a painted surface, rather than resistance to buff-tools when removing the top layer.

The primary task of "Vandal black" ink is the reaction with the surface, the fixation of the indelible top layer is the second.

For best results of visual perception of the tag, as well as its strong fixation, the surface should not be wet/dirty/covered with vandal-proof film.

For these surfaces (wet/dirty/covered with vandal-proof film) another kind of our ink

, the ink series "Colours of Anti-Antivandal"fits excellent, because it specially adapted for all surfaces.

So, we have achieved certain results, such as:

                                           - Increase the corrosion properties of ink at 30% compared with ink "Hard black"

                                           - Manage to do our ink more liquid, while not changing the color saturation. A more liquid consistency reduces ink`s consumption

                                           , facilitates and speeds up the pumping of the marker`s pen for the lack of breaks between tags.

                                          - Drying time has hardly changed, despite a more liquid consistency of ink.

                                          - Add a pleasant aroma of almonds, which partly remains after drying tag.

In general, "Vandal black" ink is suitable for lovers of aggressive “tagging” in the urban environment, for whom not only the process and the quality of ink`s writing is important, but also the durability of tagging traces.