Colours ink

Color ink "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" is an excellent example of the colored ink, which can cat into the surface better than black.


Developing a new series of color ink, we have sought to make it the most relevant to both areas of tagging, "STREET" and "TRAIN".

To do this, we examined a variety of the most popular surfaces, which can be found in these areas:

- Glossy plastics (5 species)

- Plastic mat (2 species)

- Fresh paint (4 species)

- Old paint (3 species)

- Hardboard

- Glass-tile (3 species)

- Wood particle board

- Metal (2 species)

- Banner ads

- Film advertising in transportation.

And after that, we began to develop the most compatible with these surfaces composition.

In order to meet all the requirements for graffiti ink, we continuously consulted with graffiti community, which tested the ink during our work.

And just after full satisfaction of our graffiti friends with the quality and the catting into the painted surface, we present them to you!


The new line of color ink "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" is: 

- 100% ink and not a drop of paint! 

- maximum ink`s coating, brightness and color saturation

- brilliant gloss

- optimally thick, is soaked through the sponge marker, squeezer

- ideal fixed on any surface

- instantly dry up within 5 seconds 

- form a thick smudges

- leave deep clear traces after removal of ink from the painted surface 

- after applying remove the layer of ink from  advertising banners , after trying to remove the ink left path, even if the ink is removed completely

- destroy the top layer of the long-standing paint and penetrate into the deeper layers 

- appear  under the layer of paint, when you try to repaint the sign less than a 3 layer

- distributed across the surface, when you try to delete the tag, and besides the trace of the tag, leave more traces of paint 

- very clear write on the glass 

- leave deep marks on the old, shabby, or low chemical resistant plastics

- not deleted from advertising firm  in transport 

- leave traces, even on a new, resistant to chemical resistant plastics, if the ink was  deleted not professional tools 

- leave deep marks on the ceramic and mild to chemical influences tile

- leave deep marks on paperboard  and wood particle board

- leave footprints in the inveterate and shabby metal 

- resistant to natural influences such as humidity, rain and cold

- win protections from graffiti (the ink isn`t rolled and ideal fixed despite the surface was processed)


And especially for those guys, who interested in namely catting into the surface, we would like to recommend the color blue, as it is the darkest of the entire line and it showed especially good result during the "buff"-test.